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Cathy Sloss Jones plans revitalization of Lakeview


 Cathy Sloss Jones could be considered the mother of Lakeview as we know it today.

The president and CEO of Sloss Real Estate created Pepper Place Market, after building the Hope VI project Park Place downtown. And she’s part of a revitalization effort springing up in Lakeview today.

Jones told the Women’s Network Thursday that business owners and property owners – including herself – have come together in the last two years to reinstate the Lakeview business association that hired an executive director and developed a master plan for its future.

One major development coming is a building for its popular farmers market. More details will be released after developers meet in August, she said.

Jones hopes it will be a catalyst to completion of plans to expand Railroad Park to Lakeview.

The master plan also includes more housing, which she said Lakeview could accommodate 1,100 more units.

She wants Lakeview to be walkable and a mixed-income neighborhood like Park Place. People want to move downtown now more than ever, she said.

But Birmingham needs to improve its schools and address more mass transportation, Jones said.

She reiterated that she has to be OK with change, just like the city needs to be.

She said her husband, Paul Jones, who retired from running Compass Bank in 2009, likes to say, “If you don’t like change, you better change.”

Cindy F. Crawford is the editor of the Birmingham Business Journal.