Pepper Place Farmers Market

The Pepper Place Farmers Market was established in 2000 in response to a growing need to help small family farms. As a result the market provided a connection between these family farmers and the people of Birmingham, Alabama.

From our beginning, with a few tents in the center parking lot of Pepper Place, the market has grown to approximately 100 tents spread throughout the parking lots and streets of the Pepper Place District. Our attendance has also grown, with over 8,000 people at times, especially at the height of the season. Originally running from mid May until early October, our market now begins mid April, ending in mid December.

All of our vendors are local, from a rough geographic range of approximately 100 miles. All of the farmers who sell to you at the Market are the actual growers, their family members and friends. Often we see three generations working the market together; evidence that our farmers markets are making a difference in the viability of small Alabama family farms. For more information, see the Pepper Place Market website by clicking here.