Vicki Bolton


Phone: (205) 313-4111

Vicki Bolton joined Sloss in December 2004 as Controller. Vicki is the company's chief accountant responsible for the budgeting, forecasting, preparation of financial statements, and day-to-day cash management activities for the company and its affiliates. Vicki is also responsible for human resources.

Vicki has an extensive career in real estate financial and accounting matters. From 1985 until joining Sloss, Vicki was employed by Daniel Corporation in various accounting capacities. During her tenure at Daniel she was responsible for overseeing property level bookkeepers, preparation of property level and venture budgets and financial reports, virtually all for third party large institutional real estate investors. As such, she is well versed in a variety of reporting software. Vicki was also an integral part of asset management, acting as the liaison between property and portfolio mangers and financial budgeting and reporting.

Vicki joins two other former Daniel veterans at Sloss, Jack Peterson and Rob Tate. The long standing working relationship and track record of success each previously shared together has melded with Sloss to create a powerful team of real estate capability.

Vicki holds a B.S. in Accounting and an MBA, both from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.